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Streamline your workflow, to the penny.

Properly Tax Solutions is more than just a suite of secure property tax and assessment software—it’s a smart workspace where your team, tools, and data merge.

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What is Properly Tax Solutions?

Properly Tax Solutions is a collection of cloud-based apps made specifically to handle the various processes involved with property tax and assessment. Now there’s a tool that supports your workflow from collecting data in the field to the presentation of data to the taxpayer, allowing you to seamlessly transition through the tax and assessment cycle quickly, accurately, and effectively.

Mobile Assessment

Collect and validate property valuation data from the field with ease.


Allow the public to file required forms online, cutting down office foot traffic.

Tax Collections

Bill, collect, and disburse property taxes for your county or municipality.

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Allow taxpayers to view their property tax, assessment, and GIS information online.

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Software is only as good as it is useful. That’s why our product development process is centered around the client and their needs.

Over 20 Years of Meeting Business Needs

We’ve built a comprehensive team of business professionals with extensive knowledge in the areas of local government, IT, assessment, tax, and billing.

Exceptional Customer Support

We take pride in the quality and stability of our products and have a dedicated support team of experts ready to help our client’s individual needs.

Tailored Solutions

We realize that one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why our solutions are custom-designed to meet unique needs of our clients.

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Don’t just take our word for it: hear what our partners have to say.

“THANK YOU!  Since switching to GUTS’ software I am still astounded by the personal support we receive. Any issues we have we know won’t take long to solve because “the team” is on it. The quick responses are something I am still amazed at.”

Chris West
Bartholomew County, Indiana

“THANKS FOR ANOTHER SMOOTH YEAR! GUTS has always been great to work with and we are lucky to have you taking care of our bill printing. Thanks for all your hard work!”

Rob Robertson
Carroll County, Kentucky

“Thanks for Chad and Will always being on top of things. I know you handle a lot of different counties and companies but you always make us feel like we are important to you whether we are the largest or the smallest. Thanks again for all your help.”

Jill Mahoney
Trimble County, Kentucky

All Your Property Tax Assessment Needs in One Place

Learn more about each product:

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Properly Mobile Assessment

Inaccurate assessment data is the #1 cause of property tax revenue loss. Properly Mobile Assessment increases revenue by allowing field assessment staff to focus on the thing that matters most: data. Quickly validate property data from the field and let Properly keep your work accessible, organized, and secure.

• Remotely enter data, photos, sketches, and property record cards

• Customize evaluation data elements on a per-site basis

• Eliminate the need for error-prone paperwork

• Tablet-based

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Properly Forms

Give your taxpayers the flexibility to file essential property forms online, all while cutting down foot traffic in your office. Properly Forms is a simple solution for quickly and seamlessly filing forms in your property system.

•  Store the most current forms in one place

• Give taxpayers easy access to file essential documents

•  Save your office staff valuable time

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Properly Tax Collections

Manage your entire property tax collection process with ease, down to the penny. Properly Tax Collections was built by industry professionals to streamline your office’s most essential role by allowing you to manage the entire process from billing to collections, all in one application.

• Create bills, collect payments, and track revenue

• Manage collections and disburse funds to the appropriate jurisdictions

• Over-the-counter cashiering component

• Seamless integration to online payment portals

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Properly View

Properly View allows your office to provide valuable information to the public with a quick search. By empowering taxpayers to find, research, and view assessment, property tax and GIS information online, you can save your staff time and money.

• Search property tax valuation data quickly and easily

• Includes GIS map component for viewing relevant GIS info

• Seamlessly integrates with Properly Tax Collections

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Ready to learn more?

The Properly team is skilled in working with the unique needs of different municipalities to build the suite of software options that fits your tax assessment and collection profile. To do this, we find it works best to show you the software as a part of a conversation about your organization. Please provide your information here and a member of the Properly team will get back to you shortly.

If you require support for an existing product, please email us.

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