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Properly View Sign-in

Properly View utilizes Single Sign-on with Google (Gmail or Google Apps) or Microsoft (Work or School & Personal)

To login to Properly View, please select either    Google or   Microsoft.

If you aren’t already logged into Google or Microsoft, you’ll be prompted to provide your account information, and you will also be asked to grant Properly permission to use your credentials if this is your first time using this login method.

Once you have authenticated with your provider, you’ll then be logged into Properly View automatically with the email address on your Google or Microsoft account.

NOTE: Properly View does not store your Google or Microsoft password.


Common Issues with Sign-in

Permission Granting

For the single sign-on process to work, Properly View must have permission to view certain profile information.

Some Microsoft (Work or School) accounts are restricted by the administrator from being able to grant profile viewing permissions to applications.  If you see a screen like the following, you will need to contact your Microsoft account administrator to have permissions to the Properly View app granted prior to being able to log in.

NOTE: G-UTS.COM is the provider of the Properly View application.


Questions regarding the creation of Microsoft or Google accounts, need to be directed to the respective company.  GUTS and Properly are not Microsoft or Google affiliated and therefore cannot support their products.

If you have questions regarding data on the site, please contact the county directly, GUTS will not answer non-technical questions regarding the county’s data.

If you require further technical assistance related to Properly View, please contact application support.